Cape Town Clothing has a selection of Polar Fleece Jackets , Polar Fleece Body Warmers , Polar Fleece Sweatshirts ,Hooded Sweatshirts , Crew Neck Cotton Sweatshirts , V-Neck Cotton Sweatshirts and 1/4 Zip Sweatshirts Cape Town Clothing can supply and Embroider on all our Fleece and Sweatshirts. You can see some of the Fleece and Sweatshirts that Cape Town Clothing can supply by viewing the following on-line catalogues :

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Cape Town Clothing can supply all the Barron Sweaters and Hoodies and Fleece. These include .......

MI-HYB Hybrid Fleece

MI-ES Mens Essential Micro Fleece

LMI-ES Ladies Essential Micro Fleece

MI-UL Mens Ultra Micro Fleece

LMI-UL Ladies Ultra Micro Fleece

MI-DY Dynamic Fleece

MI-AVN Avanti Fleece

MI-BRO Brooklyn Fleece

MI-NEW Newton Fleece

MI-END Enduro Pleece

BF-CON Contemporary Full Zip Fleece

BF-JAC Bonded Fleece Full Zip Jacket

BF-APE Apex Fleece

SW-HAR Harvard Fleece

SW-HO Hooded Sweater

SW-CH Contrast Hooded Sweater

CLU Club Jacket

SW-TRE Trent Hoodie

SW-TRAC Track Hooded Sweater

SW-RYD Ryder Hoody

Cape Town Clothing can supply all the Hoodies , Sweaters and Fleece in the Promogifts range. These include........

US Basics

BAS-4756 Kids Houston Fleece Jacket

BAS-815 Ladies Houston Fleece Jacket

BAS-816 Men's Houston Fleece Jackets

BAS-818 Ladies Runner Fleece Jacket

BAS-817 Men's Runner Fleece Jacket

BAS-3411 Ladies Brighton Fleece Jacket

BAS-3410 Men's Brighton Fleece Jacket

BAS-5165 Men's Benneton Zip-Off Fleece Jacket

BAS-5166 Ladies Benneton Zip-Off Fleece Jacket

BAS-7787 Ladies Omega Hooded Sweater

BAS-7786 Men's Omega Hooded Sweater

BAS-3429 Ladies Morris Hooded Sweater

BAS-3428 Men's Morris Hooded Sweater

BIZ Collection

BIZ-3638 Ladies Trinity Hooded Sweater

BIZ-3637 Men's Trinity Hoodede Sweater


SLAZ-810 Men's Winner Rugby Jersey

SLAZ-811 Men's Winner Full Zip Sweater

SLAZ-4934 Men's Salvo 1/4 Zip Jersey

SLAZ-812 Mico Fleece 1/2 Zip Sweater

SLAZ-2104 Men's Storm Micro Fleece Jacket

SLAZ-2105 Ladies Storm Micro Fleece Jacket

SLAZ-4930 Men's Ignition Micro Fleece Jacket

SLAZ-4931 Ladies Ignition Micro Fleece Jacket

SLAZ-3218 Men's Apex Micro Fleece Jacket

SLAZ-3219 Ladies Apex Micro Fleece Jacket

SLAZ-3217 Ladies Smash Hooded Sweater

SLAZ-1005 Men's Smash Hoodede Sweater


ELE-7308 Men's Taza 1/4 Zip Sweater

ELE-7309 Ladies Taza 1/4 Zip Sweater

Cape Town Clothing can supply all the Proactive Sweaters and Fleece and Hoodies. These include.........

PFM3 Classic Microfibre Fleece

LPM201 Ladies Classic Microfibre Fleece

BMJ4 Beau Fleece - Long Sleeve

BLJ4 Belle Fleece - Long Sleeve

PFQ203 Mens Zip off Sleeve Polar Fleece

LFQ3 Ladies Zip off Sleeve Polar Fleece

BMJ1 Beau Fleece - Sleeveless

BLJ1 Belle Fleece - Sleeveless

PFM205 Sleeveless Microfibre Polar Fleece

PFH2 Classic Fleece Hoodie

PFH1 Mens Zip up Fleece Hoodie

LFH1 Ladies Zip up Fleece Hoodie

PFM201 Double-Sided Microfibre Polar Fleece

PFM202 Two Tone Microfibre Polar Fleece

KQZ1 Youth Quarter Zip Fleece

PFT201 Lightweight Polar Fleece

Cape Town Clothing can supply all the Sweaters , Hoodies and Fleece from the Altitude range . These include ......

BAS Basic Sweater - crew neck

BVN Bevan Sweater - v-neck

PFB Polar Fleece Body Warmer

PBW Premier Body Warmer

PFS Quarter Zip Sweater

PER Performance Sweater

CRN Cameron Sweater

LOR Lorna Sweater

AME Americano Sweater

EVE Everest Sweater

COS College Sweater

SKA Skater Sweater - Hoodie

QGS Quantum Gents Sweater - Hoodie

QLS Quantum Ladies Sweater - Hoodie

VSW Varsity Sweater - Hoodie

HWS Harvard Heavyweight Sweater - Hoodie

BRY Bryce Sweater