Puffer Jacket

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Mens Hudson Jacket (ALT-HUD)

The Mens Hudson Jacket (ALT-HUD) is a stylish Puffer Jacket that is ideal for the colder weather. Elasticated cuffs and hem ensure a snug fit and provide wind resistance.

Mens Maverick Jacket

Mens Maverick Jacket (JC-UB-130-A)

The Mens Maverick Jacket (JC-UB-130-A) is a padded Puffer Jacket made from 100% polyester fabric. The hood can be removed and this jacket can be branded with your logo.

Mens Montana Jacket

Mens Montana Jacket (ELE-11500)

The Mens Montana Jacket (ELE-11500) is a high quality puffer jacket that is wind and water resistant. The concealed hood can be used for protection from the rain.

Mens Stratford Jacket (SF-JAC)

The Mens Stratford Jacket (SF-JAC) is a Puffer Jacket with breathable padding. Fold the jacket into a small carry-bag when not in use. This Jacket is also wind and water resistant.

Mens Studio Jacket (ST-JAC)

The Mens Studio Jacket (ST-JAC) is a Puffer Jacket. It is padded and quilted and has a hood with a drawcord.