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All Weather Macjack (AWJ202)

The All Weather Macjack (AWJ202) is a classic rain jacket made from quality water-resistant nylon and has inner toweling lining. Keep dry with it’s concealed zip away hood!


About the All Weather Macjack (AWJ202):

The All Weather Macjack (AWJ202) has the following features.

  • Nylon Water-resistant outer fabric
  • Lined with a toweling for warmth
  • Hood with a drawstring can be concealed in the collar
  • Drawstring in the hem
  • 1×1 Ribbed cuffs to repel water
  • Can be washed
  • Wind and water-resistant for all weather conditions
  • Also made in kids sizes All Weather Macjack

Size chart

All Weather Macjack size chart

Classic Mac jacket.

The humble rain mac has been around for many years. This handy rain jacket has stood the test of time and will be with us for many years to come. So what makes it so popular? The South African weather is always changing and we often have four seasons in one day. Great for use as a windbreaker with the added advantage of being water-resistant for light rain conditions. Crease-resistant so you can fold it away when not in use. Lightweight, so you can wear it over your clothes. Use the hood for rainy days but tuck it away into the collar when you don’t need it. Simply give it a wash of it gets dirty. No need for dry cleaning.

Make it part of your uniform.

Work outdoors? Need some protection from the rain and wind but still want to maintain your corporate identity? The All Weather Macjack is a great choice. Chose a colour that matches your corporate uniform and make sure you add your logo. Branding on a water-resistant fabric can be tricky. Keep the number of print colours to a bare minimum to ensure the best results. A single colour print works best. We can also embroider your logo but remember, that will reduce the water-resistance at the spot where the embroidery is. The AWJ202 is our best seller and offers great value for money. The adult sizes range from a small right up to a 5xlarge and there is also a range of kids sizes

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