Hybrid Kiddies Fleece Jacket Bottle

Kiddies Hybrid Fleece Jacket

The Kiddies Hybrid Fleece Jacket (MI-HYBK) is made from 300-gram polyester anti-pill fleece.

There are pockets in the side seams and zips up all the way including the collar.

For branding we recommend embroidery


About the Kiddies Hybrid Fleece Jacket (MI-HYBK):

  • Heavyweight 300g anti pill fleece 100% polyester
  • Nylon zip in matching colour
  • Zips all the way to the top including the collar
  • The hems have two needle top stitching
  • Pockets in the side seams
  • Can be branded with embroidery

The zip colour matches the fabric colour and the zip closes all the way to the top and includes the collar which is great on those windy days. There is a front yoke with cover seam stitching and there are pockets in both the left and right side seams

Size Chart

Mens Hybrid Fleece Jacket size chart

Why are fleece jackets a great choice for your corporate clothing?

Fleece jackets are always a popular clothing item. They keep you warm and are easy to care for and a popular choice for corporate clothing use.

The Kiddies Hybrid Fleece Jacket is one of our popular fleece jackets as it is quite a thick fabric. At 300 grams it is a lot thicker than most fleece jackets which usually range between 220 grams and 240 grams.

The range of colours is also great as this fleece jacket is made in all the popular colours like black, navy blue, royal blue, camel and red. You can either choose a colour that compliments your brand or a versatile colour that will match most outfits.

Is this Hybrid Fleece Jacket right for your needs?

The Kiddies Hybrid Fleece Jacket also has a matching ladies fleece jacket as well as a mens fleece jacket so the range of sizes should cover all your needs. If you market to a wide range of age groups then this fleece jacket will allow you to have a matching style and colour for everyone.

The fleece of this jacket is made from 100% polyester. The anti-pill finish means that it is unlikely to pill during normal washing and wearing. Pilling is those little balls of fluff that develop on fleece that does not have and anti-pill finish so be sure to look for that when buying any fleece clothing.

Can you add branding to this fleece jacket?

Cape Town Clothing also offers a branding service so you can have your company logo on the fleece jacket. For branding on fleece, we recommend embroidery as with screen printing you will lose some of the detail in the pile of the fleece.

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