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Knitted Scarves (Aspen)

The Aspen Scarf is a 100% acrylic knitted scarf with a fringe. The size of the Aspen Scarf is 150cm x 20cm.


Knitted Scarves are a great way to keep warm in the winter. The Aspen knitted scarf also has a matching Aspen Knitted Beanie and Aspen Knitted Gloves so they could be used as part of your corporate clothing.

These knitted scarves can also be branded with your company logo so they are a good way to promote your brand.

About the Aspen Scarf:

This scarf is knitted from 100% Acrylic yarn.

This scarf has tassels/fringes on both ends.

The size of this scarf is 150cm x 20cm