Multifunctional Headwear cyber yellow

Multifunctional Headwear

Multifunctional Headwear is a polyester/spandex stretch tubular scarf that can be worn in a number of different ways. You can wear it like a scarf or a headband and can also be branded with your logo.


About the Multifunctional Headwear:

  • Versatile headwear make from a polyester/spandex stretch fabric
  • Has many wearable options such as headband, scarf, beanie, etc
  • Can be branded with screen printing
  • wide range of colours to choose from

What is a Multifunctional Headwear?

Let’s start off by explaining what it looks like. This unique item is a long, tubular piece of knitted fabric made from a stretch cotton spandex and looks a bit like a short scarf

How do I wear it?

You can wear it like a beanie but that’s not all. Use it as a headband and keep your hair out of your face. Pull it over your head and wear it as a scarf and then pull the back over your head and it becomes a balaclava.  Fold it double and use it to secure your ponytail or wear it around your wrist as a wristband, but that’s not all. Use your imagination and create some new ways to wear it because it’s designed to be versatile.

Can I use it to promote my brand?

Yes, you can. Start with getting your logo printed on it. A single logo might be lost so I always recommend multiple logos. You have a choice of printing your logos all facing the same direction but you can also have your logos facing different directions because that might work better for your particular logo. Once we see your logo, we can give you some suggestions.

Tell us what colour you like and send us an image of your logo. We will send you a quote for the supply and branding so that you have an idea of cost.