Barron Defender Safety Boot Black

Barron Defender Safety Boot (SF001)

Barron Defender Safety Boot (SF001) is a shock-resistant safety boot that is SABS approved. The non slip rubber sole can withstand high temperatures and the steel cap toe protects up to 200 joules of impact. Heat resistant up to 90 degrees.


About the BARRON Defender Safety Boot (SF001):

SABS SANS 20345 approved safety boot
Anti-static easily removable inner sole
Oil resistant
Slip resistant
Shock resistant
This robust boot also has a steel toecap with impact protection of 200 Joules
Heat resistant up to 900C
Genuine leather upper and dual density PU sole

Advantages of using safety boots:

We often think of protective workwear as being overalls or high visibility work clothing. But the correct work safety boots are extremely important. There are a variety of safety factors built into safety boots. You need to be aware of the risks involved in the type of work you are doing.

In construction, the toes are always at risk. You could kick something sharp or a heavy object can fall on your foot. So the best was to protect the toes is with steel toe boots. The Barron Defender Safety Boot has a steel toe that is strong enough to withstand an impact of up to 200 joules. That might be the difference between a worker losing his toes or simply having a scuffed boot.

The sole is also a non-slip sole because that will give a better grip on slippery surfaces. It is also designed to protect the foot when standing on high-temperature surfaces. The rubber sole is cemented and can withstand hot surfaces up to 300 degrees Celcius. The boot has an ISO rating of CE EN ISO20345: 2011 approved.

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