Mens Essential Mirco Fleece

Mens Essential Micro Fleece

The BARRON Essential Micro Fleece(MI-ES) is a heavy weight sweater made from a 300g polyester anti pill fleece and is great for those cold days.



About the Essential Quarter Zip Micro Fleece sweater (MI-ES):

  • Heavy weight 300g polyester anti pill micro fleece
  • Two side pockets with zip
  • Quarter zip made of brass
  • Covered elastic cuffs
  • Available in mens, ladies and kids sizes
  • Can be branded with embroidery

The brass quarter zip closes all the way up including the collar which is great for keeping warm in windy conditions, The two side pockets close with a zip and the cuffs have elastic for close fit to the wrist. This popular style sweater is available in mens, ladies and kids sizes and can be branded with embroidery.

Size Chart for men

Essential Quarter Zip Fleece size chart

Will this Essential Micro Fleece sweater keep me warm?

A fleece sweater is great for cold days when you want a comfortable sweater to wear over your clothing and add some extra warmth. Fleece works particularly well as it does not allow the wind to penetrate and cuts out the wind chill.

The weight of the fleece is important when considering just how warm you would like to be. A light weight fleece can be somewhere between 190 grams to 220 grams and will give you some basic protection from the elements. But it will not keep you warm on a cold day.

The Essential Micro Fleece is made from a 300 gram fleece which is perfect for cold days. Not only is the fabric thick enough, but the 1/4 zip closes all the way to the top of the collar. and provides a snug fit under the neck. The 1/4 zip allows the fleece to to slip easily over the head. So easy when putting it on or taking it off again. And you can also open it when you are not in a windy area.

The fleece used to make the Essential Micro Fleece is an anti pill fleece. That means it does not get those little fluff balls which you would get from a fleece that is not anti pill. With normal wash and wear this fleece sweater should keep its quality finish and will always be a pleasure to wear.

Can I get my logo branded on the Essential Quarter Zip Fleece?

If you would like your company logo branded onto this Fleece sweater we can do so with embroidery.

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