Safety Vest Highway Waistcoat Orange

Safety Vest Highway Waistcoat

Safety Vest Highway Waistcoat (WC-HIG) is our best selling reflective vest.

This BARRON high visibility vest is ideal for use as a construction vest or traffic vest.There is reflective tape on both the front and back.


About the BARRON Safety Vest Highway Waistcoat:

  • Lightweight Polyester Fabric 120g
  • Clear pocket on the left chest for an identification card
  • Zip in the front
  • Reflective tape on both the front and back
  • Wide range of colours

Size Chart:

Safety Vest Highway Waistcoat size chart

What is a safety vest used for?

Workers on a construction site use the construction vest so they can be visible. There is a lot of activity on a construction site and a high visibility vest is essential because without it you might not be seen and that is dangerous. There is a clear pocket on the left chest so your identification is visible,

During road sporting events use this traffic vest because motorists need to see you when you redirect traffic. The orange safety vest and the yellow safety vest work best because motorist can easily spot you.

Parking companies use a reflective safety vest so they can easily be identified. And the green safety vest is the most popular colour.

Safety marshals in buildings use a red safety vest or a blue safety vest so they can be identified in an emergency.

Security officers use the high visibility vest so that you can see them and because the safety vest has reflective strips, they are also visible at night.

Branding on the Safety Vest Highway Waistcoat:

When you buy a safety vest with pockets for identification you have a great opportunity for advertising. A safety vest with logo on the back works well. Make it big so that you can see it from a distance. Embroidery, screen printing and heat transfer branding will work, but we can advise you on the best method. Send us an image of your logo so that we can see which branding method is most suitable. Use your safety workwear to promote your brand.

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